Cycle for planting and breeding and control of new pollutants

In order to carry out the national agricultural green development, biosecurity, and dual carbon strategy goals, our groups focus on the distribution feature, environmental fate, and driving mechanism of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in the agricultural environment. We developed a series of biological and electrochemical synergistic technologies to control the ecological risk and ensure the safe and efficient recycling of agricultural waste. The ecological agriculture model combining planting and breeding was set up to support agricultural and rural green development.


Group Leader:Hongna Li,researcher for Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development in Agriculture of CAAS, the Young Talent Program of Central Organization Department, Outstanding Talent of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Leading Talent of CAAS, Member of Chinese Society for Microbiology, Director of Beijing Society for Microbiology, Member of Ecological Farm Steering Expert Group of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


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